1. The promotion period for the ProtostarTM Education Offer is from 1 November 2018 to 31 December 2018, both dates inclusive (the "Promotion Period").
2. Students who fulfill the requirement in sub-clause (i) and sub-clauses (ii) below may be entitled to the Protostar Education Offer (the "Eligible Students"):
(i) Do not hold any membership status at Protostar Education at the time of application; AND
(ii) Hold a valid Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card
3. Eligible Students will be entitled to the Protostar Education Offer once only during the Promotion Period.
4. In the event that an Eligible Student is also entitled to other prevailing promotional offer(s) or privilege(s), Protostar Education reserves the right to provide only one or some of the offer(s) and/or privilege(s) at its absolute discretion.
5. Protostar Education reserves the right to vary, modify and terminate the above offer and to amend any of these terms and conditions at any time without any notice. In case of disputes, the decision of Protostar Education shall be final and binding.
6. If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English version and its Chinese translation, the English version shall prevail.


Each child aged 5-12 is eligible for one trial class only
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Professional Teachers, Professional Teaching Quality

Protostar Education possesses the best teaching team in the online English education industry. 100% of our teachers have rich in-school teaching experiences in the United States, making it possible for your children to experience the authentic teaching style of international schools.

Evonne,from Virginia,has a master’s degree in Education and a second master’s degree in Library Science and a TESOL certificate. She has been teaching language, literature and mathematics for over 20 years in American primary schools and teaching online half a year.

Valerie obtained a Master of Education degree (MEd) in Curriculum Design and Teaching, a Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) in Creative Writing, and TEFL and TEYL certifications. Miss Valerie is from Florida and has taught K-12 students Languages, Literature, Mathematics, and Science at different schools in the United States for 25 years.

Amy obtained a Bachelor of Counseling degree. Miss Amy is from New Hampshire and has taught English and French at American elementary schools and has taken on the position of warden since 2001. Miss Amy built a unique insight into teaching ‘second language’ when she was teaching French in schools.


Three Core Stages, Eight English Proficiencies

Protostar Education’s curriculum is exclusively developed by a team of professional teachers and our British doctoral education consultant. The course nurtures children’s eight comprehensive reading and writing abilities, gradually beginning with the most basic natural phonics. When your children graduate from our curriculum, they will be confident of English either they are in a local school or in an international school.




The progressive pedagogy of “phoneme or phoneme-cluster- word- clause” effectively facilitates spelling words, reading short sentences and describing pictures under the instruction from our professional foreign teachers. This stage lays the foundation for the development of reading and writing skills by establishing a solid print and phonemic awareness.



‘Directed Reading Thinking Activity (DRTA)’ pedagogy together with the supplement of in-class interactive reading activities and after-class exercises initiate the cognitive transformation of a word from its form to its meaning which shapes students into a “reader with thoughts”. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) content is also embedded throughout the curriculum to arouse children’s curiosity and to enhance their professional knowledge.



With our exclusively designed, 10-step targeted training and the interactive advantage of live classes, children’s structural organization and writing style will be improved simultaneously during this stage. The design begins with basic writing skills, which transitions to creative thinking for writing to help children overcome the dilemma of “Chinglish.” Together with the professional writing training at the latter stage guides children to speak and think with English in all circumstances confidently.

Advantages of Small Classes

Each 40-minutes “one-to-four” live class genuinely replicates genuine class activities of international schools under the principles of “Peer Pressure”, “Multimodality” and “Implicit Feedback” to stimulate children’s potential in language learning.

  • A unique class allocation policy has been introduced to encourage healthy competition among students which enhances their learning motivation and effectiveness.
  • Interactive teaching strategies such as videos, games, quizzes, discussions, presentations, etc., are integrated into the content for a relaxing learning environment as well as children’s enthusiastic engagement during classes.
  • Interactions among students and instant corrections from teachers are important in building implicit feedback inside the brain which strengthens the understanding of the linguistic knowledge constantly.

"Three-fixed Principle"

Fixed class time, fixed teacher, and fixed classmates favor the establishment of coherent learning model, harmonious classroom order, and a stable English social environment. These conditions further elevate students’ learning efficiency.


A fixed schedule and frequency remain consistent throughout the learning process which is a critical factor for language acquisition.


Sufficient time and space are given to teachers to understand each student’s abilities and personality in order to tailor appropriate individual teaching strategies. It also reduces the impact of frequent replacement of teachers on children’s learning effectiveness.


The interactive learning among peers inspires the children’s interest in active participation in class activities and gradually develops their social skills in an English environment.


Customized English Learning Under EET Framework

Protostar Education’s exclusive consultant of research and teaching team, the doctorate in Education from the University of Nottingham, and the founder of Protostar jointly propose ‘EET’ (Effective Exposure Time) based on the continuous research on the youth and children’s English acquisition.

Under the framework of EET, our teachers develop a unique learning schedule for each student in accordance with their level. We aim to discover the critical factors of English language acquisition for each student through analyzing the length and the type of EET accumulated during students’ learning process. Thus, the constant adjustment on the proportion of formal instruction and informal instruction maintain their interest in learning English while improving their learning outcomes.


The World and The Local Team

The elite teams in Seattle, WA, Hong Kong and Shanghai work closely together for better teachers, better courses, more advanced technology and more considerate services for you and for your child.

Teacher Recruitment and Curriculum Development Team:
Recruit the best teachers in the US and develop high-quality curriculum with experienced teachers and doctoral consultant for local and overseas children.
Teaching Research, Technology R&D and Class Teacher Team:
Combine advanced technology and educational methodologies for an effective online experience and provide the best service for Hong Kong and international customers.
Technology R&D, Professional Consulting and Class Teacher Team:
Provide the best service for parents and children in China.


If parents are not satisfied with their first purchase, parents are entitled to apply for a full refund under both conditions below:
1.  Refund must be applied within 30 days of the first class.
2.  Classes deducted must be less than or equal to six sessions.


Protostar Education insists on the teaching philosophy of “pure American teachers and pure American developed teaching materials.” Our outstanding foreign teaching team surpasses all rivals among the online education industry.


Protostar Education guarantees that all paid students are protected by the service level agreement.


I think that Protostar Education’s curriculum is very systematic. The class arrangement and linkage are so good that it connects with foreign teaching materials. Songs, animation and teacher’s feedback instantly correct their pronunciation so that they can speak English well.

Mrs. Chen,whose 6-year-old son will be attending international school.

I used to sign up for ‘one-to-one‘online courses for my son. He talked with his teacher pretty well during the lesson, but it was not the case at home. Since my daughter has learned English through Protostar, she takes every opportunity to answer the teacher’s question in English. She can now talk and even tell stories in English under instruction from the teacher!

Mrs. Qin,whose 7-year-old daughter will be attending Direct Subsidy School.

I had been worrying about whether she could understand what the teacher said until her class teacher told me that English proficiency is closely related to the Effective Exposure Time accumulated. My daughter remembers new words unconsciously when she is enjoying interactive games and animations during class as well as during gamified homework after class. She now even shares what she learns with other children!

Mrs. Qian,whose 4-year-old daughter is attending public kindergarten.